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Taiwan foreign minister calls for fair treatment from United Nations


Taiwan’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Dr David Tawei Lee has urged the United Nations to end its discrimination against Taiwan’s 23 million citizens.

In an article published by international news outlets, Minister Lee highlighted the unjust treatment Taiwan faces from being excluded from the UN as well as the difficulties the country faces as a result. The minister stressed that Taiwan’s exclusion does not just apply to the government, but all Taiwan’s citizens, including NGO workers, journalists and tourists, who are forbidden from entering UN premises. This is an injustice that runs contrary to the UN’s 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development which pledges that ‘no one will be left behind,’ the minister wrote.


Minister Lee also pointed out the positive contributions Taiwan has made to the international community despite its exclusion, in fields such as humanitarian aid, environmental protection, public health, agriculture and education. Though he stated Taiwan’s exclusion from the UN’s specialised agencies will not deter its commitment to the UN’s sustainable development agenda, the minister warned that Taiwan’s absence will cripple the effectiveness of global efforts to implement the UN’s goals.

Minister Lee concluded affirming Taiwan can do much to help the world build a sustainable future but stressed the country needs the international community to support its aspirations and right to fair treatment by the UN.