About Chicago

Chicago average weather temperature

  • Spring (March to June) 4℃-27℃
  • Summer (June to September) 21℃-32℃
  • Fall (September to December) 15℃~ -1℃
  • Winter (December to March) -5℃ ~ -10℃

Most of the time; it snows more in January in Chicago. The average snow fall can be up to 264.2ml.

There are grocery stores such as Trader Toe's, Jewel-Osco or Mariano’s for people to shop. Pharmacies like Walgreen’s or CVS are convenient to shop for medications or daily necessities. There are also 24 hour stores like 7-11 for drinks or snacks. There are two China Towns in the city of Chicago, and both provide great varieties of Chinese food. Many families choose to reside in the north or west suburbs and offer many of Japanese or Korean restaurants. American food or other types of Western style cuisines can be found all over Chicago. Most restaurants require tips except for fast food places. The general suggestion for tip is 10% for lunch and 15-20% for dinner.

Chicago is also famous for its nickname “Windy City”. The lake effect brings northeast cold front from Lake Michigan which can cause freezing temperatures throughout the winter season.

Chicago offers many hotels within the city limit. However, the hotels in downtown Chicago tend to be pricier, especially during the summer time. Early reservations are highly recommended to avoid high prices or over booking.

The winter season in America’s Midwest region is bitterly cold, therefore most activities are held indoors. Take Chicago for example; there are varieties of cultural events or festivals throughout the year. The Chinese New Year Parade in China Town attracts thousands of people every year. Other festivals are held during the warmer seasons such as the Folk Art Festival in April, music festivals in May, different art festivals in June, variety food festivals/outdoor movie festivals, Chicago Air and Water Show in August, and jazz/world music festivals in September. Chicago also has many world class museums and art galleries which attract millions of visitors yearly.

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