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Economic Division

Taipei Liaison Office in the RSA

The Economic Division of the Taipei Liaison Office in the RSA focuses its business mainly on strengthening bilateral economic relations between SA and Taiwan. The two-way trade and investment promotions are the most important function of this Division.
To promote the trade ties, this Division receives and processes some 150 trade enquires monthly, with 80% from the SA business community and the rest from Taiwan. Through the "matchmaking" of this Division, SA importers can source more competitive and reliable suppliers from Taiwan.
In addition, this Division facilitates the visits of Taiwanese trade missions to South Africa to attend conferences and exhibitions.
Finally, this office also organizes seminars in SA with the purpose of promoting mutual trade and investment opportunities between our two countries.
On attracting Taiwanese investments, this Division has tried its best to convey potential opportunities to our business communities, both in SA and Taiwan.
Secondly, this office collects and updates information on incentives offered by SA that are of interest to Taiwanese investors.
Thirdly, this Division, in cooperation with the DTI, will hold investment conferences for the Taiwanese Chambers of Commerce in SA in the near future to inform Taiwanese investors how they can benefit from these incentives.

Contact Details:

Economic Division, Taipei Liaison Office in the RSA
2nd Floor 5 Cradock Avenue, Rosebank 2196, Johannesburg P O Box 2178, Parklands 2121
Tel: (011) 442-8880
Fax: (011) 442-8108
Email: rocembec@iafrica.com

SA-TAIWAN Economic Relations

Trade promotions:

1) According to the Taiwan Customs Statistics, the two-way trade between Taiwan and SA in 2013 totalled $2.33 billion. Taiwan's exports to South Africa amounted to 1.13% of South Africa's total imports, while exports from South Africa amounted to 0.405% of Taiwan's total imports.

2) Moreover, after closely examining the products traded between our two countries, one will realized that trade between our two countries is complementary. Raw material and semi-processed material, such as coal, iron, and aluminum, have topped the leading imports from SA for years, while industrial products, such as computer and its components, textiles and garments, and machinery are among leading Taiwan items exported to SA.

Promotion of two-way investment :

Taiwan had been one of the leading countries from which SA has obtained foreign direct investment. A survey conducted in 1996, revealed that there were over 620 Taiwanese companies established in SA, of which 280 were in the manufacturing sector, such as computers, jerseys, sweaters, denim jeans, cutlery, shoes, woven plastic bags and gloves. Taiwanese investments, amounting to about 1.5 billion US dollars, had created more than 40,000 jobs. However, some Taiwanese investors have de-invested from South Africa, citing the high crime rate, instability of the labour movement, inconvenience in applying for work permits for their managers and skilled workers, as the main reasons for moving out of SA.

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