Information on and Guidelines to Attending the Initial CRPD National Report Review Meeting

May 10th, 2017

As passed in the first meeting of
the second session of the Committee for the Promotion of
the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, Executive Yuan.


  1. Meeting Time and Venue


The Initial CRPD (Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities) National Report Review Meeting is set to take place from October 30th, 2017 to November 1st, 2017 at the NTUH International Convention Center (No.2, Xuzhou Rd., Taipei City).


  1. Secretariat of the Meeting


The Ministry of Health and Welfare’s Social and Family Affairs Administration will be the Secretariat of the meeting.


  • Priority to Attend


A non-governmental organization (NGO) that meets any of the following criteria will be given the priority to attend the meeting (as an observer to the government session and as a participant of the NGO session).


  1. That it has submitted a parallel report on the Initial CRPD National Report.
  2. That it has submitted a parallel response to the list of issues on the Initial CRPD National Report.

    Parallel reports and responses submitted through the Secretariat will be forwarded to the International Review Committee and also published online.

  • If an NGO’s report or response is not submitted through the Secretariat but the organization can provide proof, such as a correspondence record, that the document is sent to the International Review Committee, it will also be given the priority to attend the meeting.


  1. Guidelines to Taking the Floor


The Initial CRPD National Report Review Meeting will include a government session (report reviews) and an NGO session (meetings with NGOs).


  1. The Government Session
  2. Representatives from government agencies will answer questions raised by International Review Committee members. Sixty NGOs (with a maximum of 3 representatives each) will have the opportunity to sit in on the report reviews as observers, but only government representatives will be given the floor.


  1. In principle, the report will be reviewed following the numerical order of the articles. The arrangement to be implemented will be announced after consultation with the International Review Committee.


  1. The NGO Session
  2. In this session, NGO representatives will have dialogues with the International Review Committee. Every session is scheduled as 60 minutes, started with 20 minutes of presentation by NGO representatives, followed by 20 minutes of question time by the International Review Committee, and the last 20 minutes will be answer time by NGO representatives. If time and situation permits, individuals may also be granted the floor to have dialogues with International Review Committee members.


  1. If a parallel report is written by more than 1 NGOs, each and every organization contributed to the writing could send a maximum of 5 representatives to attend the session.


  1. An NGO wishing to join the dialogues must apply in advance by filling out an NGO Session Speaker’s Form and e-mail it to the Secretariat. Please fill in separate forms for different clusters of the NGO session and specify which cluster(s) you’d like to attend.


  1. After receiving the forms, the Secretariat will organize a meeting to coordinate NGOs on their speaking order, according to which they shall take the floor at the NGO session. Even if an organization or individual is not included in the speaking order list or is not granted the floor at the session, the Secretariat will still forward their speaker’s forms to the International Review Committee.


  1. When the time for speaking is up, the microphone will be silenced so as not to infringe the rights of other NGOs on the speaking list. However, floor control may depend on the situation on-site.


  1. Online and on-venue simulcast


  1. The major venue for the meeting will be Room 201, NTUH International Convention Center. The entirety of the meeting will be simulcast online as well as in the Convention Center’s Room 101. The online simulcast address will be announced in due course.


  1. Simultaneous Chinese and English interpretation, sign-language interpretation, and real-time meeting minutes will be provided throughout the meeting.


  • During the meeting, please wear your access badge when entering any of the meeting venues.


  1. Registration


  1. Information about registration will be announced on Social and Family Affairs Administration’s website. Organizations and individuals wishing to sit in on the government session and/or speaking at the NGO session must register in advance.


  1. Should any disabled person applying to attend the meeting need any special assistance, please specify in your application and registration.


  • Contact


Name: CHUNG Chia-heng

Phone: 02-26531718


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