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2017 Taiwan Tech Trek open for application till 10, March, 2017

*For more detailed information, please visit:

Program Introduction & Background

  • Provide summer-term internship for overseas Taiwanese youth as an incentive to build connection with government, universities and industries in Taiwan
  • An opportunity for overseas Taiwanese youth to learn more about Taiwan then speak out for Taiwan on international occasions


Application Qualification for Foreign Intern

  • Must be overseas Taiwanese
  • Aged between 18 ~ 30 (birth date between 01, Jan. 1987 ~ 31, Dec. 1999)
  • Must have not received any formal education in Taiwan beyond elementary school (including American school or any other foreign schools in Taiwan)
  • Must complete at least the first two years of university/college education in a foreign country
  • Must have not previously accepted full-time employment in Taiwan (internship not included)
  • Must be able to communicate in one of the following languages: English, Mandarin, or Taiwanese
  • The application is not limited to students. However, non-student participants having ROC nationality may be required to perform military service.
  • Interns who have attended Taiwan Tech Trek previously can apply again; however, the internship employers prefer to select interns who attend for the first time.


Application Qualification for Domestic Intern

  • Aged between 18 ~ 30( birth date between 01, Jan. 1987 ~ 31, Dec. 1999)
  • Must have participated in MOST (formerly known as NSC) College Student Research Project during 2012~2016. [2012~2016 科技部(前國科會)大專學生專題研究計畫]
  • Must be fluent in English, especially in speaking and writing. Meet one of the following minimum requirements: high-intermediate preliminary test on GEPT, 79 on TOEFL iBT, a 6.0 on IELTS, or 750 on TOEIC
  • Interns who have attended Taiwan Tech Trek previously can apply again; however, the internship employers prefer to select interns who attend for the first time.


Internship Period

  • Group activity period : 22, July ~ 25, July, 2017 (Optional)
  • Internship period : 01, June ~ 15, September, 2017 (Interns may choose to fulfill their internships in 4~7 weeks)
  • If interns would like to begin earlier or end later than the internship period, they must ask for the internship employer’s permission. MOST does not provide subsidy during the extra period. Regarding the extra period of internship, interns must contact their internship employers themselves.


Group Activity : Explore Taiwan

Interns will have the opportunity to learn more about Taiwan during the four-day group activity. During the period, we arrange activities, including technical lectures, cultural lectures, industry and company visits, etc.


Limitation of Internship Quota

200 ~ 280 interns in total, including 3~20 domestic interns


Internship Category

  • Individual internship (only for foreign interns): interns can choose to complete their internships at government departments, research institutions, private companies or non-profit organizations.
  • Group research project (for both foreign interns and domestic interns): The purpose of the group research project is to analyze the development of future technology in Taiwan and other related concepts. There will be 4~8 interns in a group; each group must consist of both foreign and domestic interns. (Every four interns should have at least 1 domestic intern)



  • Internship subsidy: Internship employer gives interns a subsidy of NT$600 per day according to the related regulations.
  • Airfare subsidy for foreign interns: An airfare subsidy of NT$10,000 will be given to interns by internship employers according to the related regulations.
  • Internship subsidy will not be provided during the four-day group activity. If interns leave the group activity earlier to work at the internship, the subsidy will not be provided either.



Interns will be responsible for required fees (electricity bill and Internet access fee, etc.) and arrange their own accommodation during internship. If interns stay in the accommodation provided by the internship employer, interns must follow all the regulations.



  • Please choose a visa-free entry if the duration of the visa-free entry can cover your stay in Taiwan. However, when that duration expires, any requests for extension in Taiwan or the other kinds of visa will not be granted. Please contact the Taipei Representative Office for visa-free related regulations.
  • An eVisa can be obtained easily at low cost. Applicants can apply for an eVisa and pay the required fee (if applicable) online, and if the application is approved, the applicant also receives the eVisa online. The validity is three months without exception, the longest duration of stay is thirty days and extension is not allowed. (The landing visas for people invited by the government have been replaced with eVisas.)
  • For interns who do not possess passport from Taiwan, MOST will send an admission letter to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs requesting a single-entry visitor visa with validity of three months and duration of a ninety-day stay. Interns will have to apply to the Taipei Representative Office in their consular district on their own and mark “2017 Taiwan Tech Trek intern”, and obtain their visa after the authorization from the Taipei Representative Office is granted. This visa application period is expected to begin in May 2017.
  • For further information, please visit Bureau of Consular Affairs (



  • Time: 13, February ~ 10, March, 2017
  • Taiwan Teck Trek only accepts online registration and all the required documents should be electronic files. Please contact the Taipei Representative Office in your country if you need help with online registration.
  • Interns can select three ideal internships when registering online according to the description provided by the internship employer. If interns choose to do their internship in an institution where their third-degree relatives work, interns will have to indicate the relative’s name and relationship on the application form. (Third-degree relatives include parents, brother or sister, grandparents and uncles or aunts)



  • Identity documents: Foreign interns should provide copy of valid passport with the individual photo; copy of driver’s license with the individual photo should be provided if you do not have a passport. Domestic interns must provide copy of both sides of their ROC identification card.
  • Please provide a copy of student ID card if you are a student.
  • Transcript of academic record from the first semester to the most recent one
  • CV
  • Individual photo within the last 3 months
  • Additional documents including awards, certificates, recommendation letters, etc. (optional, please merge all the documents into one PDF)



  • Taiwan Tech Trek Office strongly recommends that interns take out travel insurance (including medical insurance and accident insurance)
  • Interns with major illness or special health conditions should consider carefully before applying for Taiwan Tech Trek. If a medical emergency occurs during the program, interns will be responsible for all the medical fee, and Taiwan Tech Trek Office have the right to stop interns from attending further activities. Taiwan Tech Trek Office will also inform interns’ relatives in Taiwan about the situation.


Taiwan Tech Trek Office