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Promoting ‘Study in Taiwan’ at Australia’s 2017 National Multicultural Festival

The National Multicultural Festival (NMF), one of the most vibrant scenes in Canberra, unites the community sharing the rich diversity of cultural traditions, food, performances, exhibitions and information. While having multiculturalism at its core, the event has broadened over the years to reflect more entertainment, educational features and exhibitions, ensuring that there is a vibrant mix of cultures meeting people.


As the seat of Australia's government, Canberra is home to over 90 diplomatic missions and embassies, adding to its cosmopolitan community. This year marks the NMF’s 21st birthday and crowd attendances continue to increase, reflecting the significant role the Festival plays in the development of Canberra as a tourism attraction and a place of embracing diversity.


Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Australia (TECO) has a long history of participating in the Festival by setting up Taiwan information stall for outreaching to the Australian community. This year Taiwan stall features three sub-themes as following: Taiwan tourism and culture; studying in Taiwan; trade solicitation and talent recruitment in Taiwan.


Decorated by Taiwanese Hakka floral patterned fabrics, Taiwan stall was greatly appreciated by the public during the Festival. A selection of the latest pamphlets on studying, traveling and trades in Taiwan were offered for introduction. In addition, recruitment posters of Taiwan’s universities were displayed hoping to draw greater attention from Australian students who wish to study abroad.


The Taiwan Stall at the NMF, which was organised by the Education Division at TECO in Australia, ran for one day on 18 of February 2017. Thousands of people joined the event with TECO’s officials and Australian educational leaders.



Australian students along with Executive Director Andy Bi at TECO were pictured in front of Studying Mandarin in Taiwan poster promoting scholarship programs offered by Ministry of Education at the Festival.