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2019 Taiwan Presidential Hackathon kicks off! Welcome international participants!


Taiwan Presidential Hackathon is an initiative designed for the Taiwanese government to demonstrate its emphasis on open-source data, data utilization, and practice innovation to address the needs of the country in social innovations.

Featuring interdisciplinary hacker teams from across government agencies and the public and private sectors, the 2019 Taiwan Presidential Hackathon competition is designed to facilitate exchanges among data owners, data scientists and experts of different fields. Its objectives are to improve public services by encouraging civil servants toward innovation, engender a hacker culture for the reinvention of government services, and spark Taiwan’s creative abilities through the spirit of social innovation.

With a theme of a “Smart Country” in this year, the initiative encourages people from all walks of life to form teams, before they brainstorm and develop inventions, which will be judged in a competition.

Challenge Scope: 2019 Taiwan Presidential Hackathon is looking for proposals that: (1) Cover global or regional development issues (Asia context preferred); (2) Have the potential to deliver high social impact; (3) Includes cross-sector/cross-country collaboration; (4) Have short-term development potential (for post-hackathon regional collaboration); (5) Are data-driven (must have available data to create solutions); and (6) Are information technology enabled.

Call for Participation: This Challenge is open to teams (not individuals, maximum 5 people per team) that can offer prototypes of innovative solutions within the Challenge Scope. Proposal submission deadline is May 24, 2019, and acceptance announcement will be made on June 1, 2019.

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