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Diretor-General Fiona Fan attends Association of Overseas Taiwan Alumni in Australia's celebration of Dragon Boat Festival

Director-General Fiona Fan attends the Dragon Boat Festival celebration dinner hosted by Association of Overseas Taiwan Alumni in Australia hosted on 25 June.

Ms Fan expressed her gratitude for the event, for many gatherings were restricted during the past few months due to COVID-19 restrictions. Ms Fan was glad to see all the alumni are well and healthy, and reminded everyone to maintain necessary prevention measures. She also mentioned that Taiwan has done exceedingly well in the prevention against COVID-19 due to perceptiveness, and went beyond to help others nation in need, among the assistance that Taiwan has provided, the face masks donation has caught the most attention. Taiwan through its strong manufacturing capabilities has increased its daily production for face masks from 2 million to over 20 million, more than enough to satisfy domestic needs and has excess to help others. As of now, Taiwan has donated more than 50 million of face masks to countries in need, which stand as a great example of the spirit of Taiwan Can Help.