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DG Fan attends R.O.C. Veteran Association in Sydney's 19th Chairperson and Board Member Inauguration Ceremony

Director-General Fiona Fan was invited to participate in Veteran Association in Sydney’s recently held 19th Chairperson and board member inauguration ceremony. The newly elected Chairwoman Rosa Guo expressed her gratitude towards Veteran Affairs Council for their support, and her appreciation for the Association’s members’ understanding of the current predicament caused by the pandemic. Despite the challenges, the Association remains well functioning, and Chairwoman Guo hopes that as things return to normal, more events will soon follow. Ms Fan is touched by seeing the event filled with R.O.C (Taiwan)’s flag, signifying the Association’s unyielding support for Taiwan. Taiwan’s recent success in COVID prevention and economic growth has earned recognition in the Economist, a true accomplishment worthy of appraisal. Taiwan’s government has also continued to improve its defense capabilities by constructing its own large scale vessel and submarine, all the while furthering its R&D and industrial capacity, demonstrating to the world of its determination to protect its sovereignty and freedom.