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DG Fan visits Indochinese Aged Care Services

Director-General Fiona Fan visited the Indochinese Aged Care Services and met with its Chairman Bounkong Kerr. Ms Fan, on behalf of the Taiwanese government, has donated Taiwan’s top quality rice and food supplies to the Service, and expressed her admiration towards Chairman Kerr and the board members for their efforts in improving the Services’ capacity, facility and governance over the years. Despite the impact of COVID-19, the Service has maintained zero COVID-19 transmission throughout 2020, and upheld its highest quality of services. Taiwan through its open and transparent governance, has done a remarkable job in COVID prevention as well, and as Taiwan shift towards an aging society, the government has rolled out the Long-Term Care 2.0 policy, emphasizing on improving Taiwan’s aged care infrastructure and collaborating with medical and high tech sectors. Taiwan’s Assistive Technology Expo now ranks top three globaly, in line with Japan and Germany. Ms Fan points out that Taiwan and Australia have much to learn from each other and welcomes further collaboration from both sides. The Service has won its prominence among the Australian society and government and Ms Fan hopes to invite more Taiwanese institutions to visit in the future.