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Taiwan Film Festival -- Four Moods


Four Moods

4pm, 8th Dec. 2019

Screening Room, the Arts House


1970∣144min∣Color∣Narrative Feature∣Mandarin

2K Restoration

Four Moods consisted of four costume drama sections on folklore. “Joy” by PAI Ching-Jui, features a stylized guard of ghosts that keep a watchful eye on the movements of reliquary thieves. “Anger” by King HU, reveals the disturbing fate of certain innkeepers who are less than honest with their customers. “Sadness” by LI Hsing follows the return home of a man whose family has been massacred. “Happiness” by LI Han-Hsiang, a water spirit gives up the opportunity to find a possible scapegoat and his kindness is rewarded by God.

Originally Four Moods suffered from serious color fading and had a magenta tint, along with scratch problems. It was first restored via color correction using a duplicate film copy, and later entrusted to L'Immagine Ritrovata Film and Restoration Laboratory in Bologna, Italy, for its 2K digital restoration. The movie was invited to be shown at the Locarno International Film Festival and has been lauded by filmmakers and the media worldwide.

2014 Locarno International Film Festival


PAI Ching-Jui

Born in 1931, PAI Ching-Jui was deeply influenced by Italian Neorealist films, which led him to study for a film Ph.D. in Italy and shaped his films’ signature themes and styles.

King HU

Born in 1932, King HU is a world-class auteur of martial arts, whose vivid style set the exemplar of the genre’s aesthetics in the 1970s.

LI Hsing

Born in 1930, LI Hsing is lauded as the godfather of Taiwan cinema for having made representative works across various genres throughout Taiwan’s film history.

LI Han-Hsiang

Born in 1926, LI Han-Hsiang is famous for his historical films. He was active in the film industry for approximately half a century, and is one of the most important filmmakers in modern Chinese film history.