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“Friendship from Taiwan” —medical masks handover to Brunei Darussalam BIMP-EAGA Business Council (BD BEBC)

On behalf of the Importers and Exporters Association of Taipei (IEAT), Representative Andrew Lee of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office (TECO) in Brunei Darussalam hands over 2,400 medical masks to Brunei Darussalam BIMP-EAGA Business Council(BD BEBC) on 16 September, 2020. The masks are accepted by Pengiran Haris Duraman, Chairman of BD BEBC. This donation represents IEAT’s friendship towards BD BEBC and demonstrates its determination to join BD BEBC to fight against COVID-19 pandemic. Pengiran Yura Kesteria, Supreme Advisor and former Chairman of BD BEBC, Capitan(Rtd.) Zailan Mohd Don, Vice Chairman and a dozen of BD BEBC members are also present to witness the donation ceremony.

Since the outbreak of pandemic, Taiwan and Brunei have effectively contained the epidemic, making both countries an exemplary model for the global fight against the coronavirus disease. The effective cooperation between public and private sectors as well as between governments is a key to combat the contagious illness. The masks offered by IEAT to BD BEBC not only symbolizes Taiwan’s friendship and goodwill towards the Bruneian people, but also illustrates the spirit that " Distant relatives are not as good as neighbors." As part of IEAT’s effort in joining the international efforts in containing the pathogen, this is the third batch of masks given to another Borneo industry association following the ones to Chinese Chamber of Commerce, BSB, and National Chamber of Commerce and Industry Brunei Darussalam(NCCIBD).

IEAT, one of the largest and most influential business organizations in Taiwan, was established in 1947, with more than 6,000 member companies based in Taipei City and other major cities throughout Taiwan. BIMP-EAGA was established in 1994 in Davao, Philippines, with 1.6 million square kilometers land and more than 80 million populations. Both of them are large-scale commercial organizations with a long history and outstanding contributions to social and economic developments in Taiwan and Brunei.

Pengiran Yura Kesteria have led BD BEBC delegation to visit Taiwan twice respectively in 2012 and 2019. During their visits, the delegates met with government agencies, leaders of business associations and private enterprises to explore cooperation projects and business opportunities in a wide range of fields.

Representative Andrew Lee(2nd from the left) presented medical mask to Chairman Pengiran Haris Duraman(2nd from the right)of BD BEBC

Representative Andrew Lee(2nd from the left) presented a gift to Chairman Pengiran Haris Duraman(2nd from the right)of BD BEBC after the donation ceremony

Representative Lee in a discussion with Pengiran Haris Duraman(2nd from the left), Pengiran Yura Kesteria(1st from the left), and Capitan(Rtd.) Zailan Mohd Don(1st from the right

Representative  Lee in a group photo with Pengiran Haris Duraman, Pengiran Yura Kesteria, Capitan(Rtd.) Zailan Mohd Don and members of BD BEBC