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Representative Andrew Lee of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office (TECO) in Brunei Darussalam met with the 2018 Taiwan Scholarship awardee

Representative Andrew Lee of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office (TECO) in Brunei Darussalam, on 10 March met with Mr. Rajazre bin Atim, who was the 2018 Taiwan Scholarship awardee and obtained a master’s degree in Industrial Management from the National Taipei University of Technology in 2020.

Representative Lee welcomed Mr. Rajazre for his visit to the Office upon his return from Taiwan. Lee also offered sincere congratulation to Mr. Rajazre on his taking a step forward to pursue and complete advanced study in Taiwan.

During the meeting, Mr. Razjare shared his experience of living and studying in Taiwan, and how he coped with the cultural shocks and immersed himself in the texture of Taiwanese society. He emphasized that he benefited a great deal from the overseas study in a highly industrial and vibrant economy and a full-fledged democracy with a welcoming, hospitable and generous people.

Mr. Rajazre thanked the TECO in Brunei for the assistance rendered to him for fulfilling his dream to pursue a master's degree in industrial management in Taiwan. He cherished and made the most of this wonderful opportunity offered by Taiwan to enrich and lift up himself in many ways. He also talked about reasons for pursuing his post-graduation studies in Taiwan. He admired Chinese culture from his childhood. After graduation from the University of Brunei Darussalam in 2016, he went to Beijing to study Mandarin for one year. One day, after listening to his brother's experience in attending international conferences held in Taiwan, he was deeply impressed with Taiwan’s vibrant political and economic progress. As a result of the enlightenment, he decided to apply for Taiwan Scholarship. Lucky enough to be chosen, he took his journey of studies in Taiwan in September 2018 and obtained his master's degree in industrial management in June, 2020. During his studies in Taiwan, he was astonished by Taiwan’s diverse and inclusive culture, various cuisines and natural scenery, and friendly people. He has now completely obsessed with Taiwan and become a die-hard fan to Taiwan. Due to his major and knowledge about Taiwan's economic and trade strength, he looks forward to engaging in industries or work related to Taiwan or China and continuing to improve Mandarin Chinese.

Representative Lee praises that Mr. Rajarze will be welcomed by Taiwanese and Chinese businesses circle and community in Brunei since he possesses three advantages: a Brunei national, a master's degree from a well-known university in Taiwan and commands in three languages, Malay, English and Chinese. Lee said that TECO is more than happy to help him network with Taiwan Businesses Association and Taiwan Graduates Association for his career development in the near future.

Representative Andrew Lee of TECO (1st from left), Mr. Rajazre bin Atim (middle) and Mr. Yu Shang, First Secretary of TECO (1st from right).