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Taiwan Urging Global Community to Support Immediate Inclusion in International Civil Aviation Organization Assembly

September 23, 2019 (Montreal) – Today Taiwan held a press conference urging the global community to support its inclusion in the International Civil Aviation Organization Assembly (ICAO) ahead of the ICAO’s 40th Assembly, taking place this September 24th to October 4th in Montreal. Currently, Taiwan is prohibited from attending ICAO meetings, and does not have access to ICAO’s mechanisms and safeguards.
“The Taipei Flight Information Region is a vital hub for both Asia and globally, in a region that has witnessed strong year-over-year growth in civil aviation,” said Shu-ping Ho, the Deputy Director General of Civil Aeronautics Administration of Taiwan. “In 2018, over 1.75 million instances of air traffic control services in the Taipei FIR were provided, handling almost 70 million incoming and outgoing passengers.”
Taiwan was a founding member of ICAO, but was excluded from ICAO following its withdrawal from the United Nations in 1971. In 2013, Taiwan attended the 38th ICAO Assembly as a special guest of the ICAO Council President, winning praise and affirmation for its meaningful contributions. However, since 2013 Taiwan has not been invited back.

“Taiwan is denied real-time access to complete information and regulatory updates. Consequently, Taiwan has to devote more time and resources toward meeting ICAO standards and recommended practices,” said Winston Wen-yi Chen, Representative, Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Canada.
Given technical, professional, and pragmatic considerations, Taiwan urgently needs to establish direct communication channels with ICAO and obtain the most up-to-date rules and regulations, so that the safe air transport of passengers and cargo can be ensured.
Over the past few months, Taiwan’s long-term efforts to seek participation in ICAO have attracted global attention. The G7 Foreign Ministers’ Communique issued April 7, 2019, following a meeting in Dinard, France, expressed support by stating that they1 support the substantive participation of all members of the international aviation community in ICAO forums and that excluding some members for political purposes compromises aviation safety and security.
The Canadian government also spoke out with support. John Babcock, a spokesman for the department of Global Affairs said earlier this September, “Canada supports Taiwan’s meaningful participation in international organizations where there is a practical imperative and where Taiwan’s absence is detrimental to global interests.”
“I would like to acknowledge and thank the Government of Canada for its public support over the past few weeks towards our inclusion in ICAO and its Assembly,” concluded Wen-yi Chen. “We urge all countries to take concrete action and publicly endorse Taiwan’s participation in ICAO and its Assembly sessions as an observer immediately.”