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Taiwan Movie Theatre - A Time in Quchi

Taiwan Movie Theatre - A Time in Quchi
Date: Saturday, November 30, 2019
Time: 2 pm
Venue: Taiwanese Canadian Cultural Centre (8853 Selkirk Street, Vancouver)
Tel: 604-267-0901
Free admission

A Time in Quchi


10-year-old city boy Bao has been sent to Quchi, a riverside town outside of Taipei, for the length of the summer, allowing his parents time to work out the terms of their divorce. Now stuck in a rural home, Bao ignores his eccentric, recently widowed grandfather. But as the summer progresses, Bao slowly comes out of his shell and make friends with local elementary school children. However, life has a way of throwing curveballs at us when we least expect them. When problems occur, Bao must navigate his journey into adulthood.

Reigning in the harshness of his previous dramas of gangs and familial strife, but maintaining his razor-sharp focus on verisimilitude, CHANG fashioned a sweet, subtle ode to the anxieties of childhood. Compared to HOU Hsiao-hsien’s A Summer at Grandpa's (1984), CHANG’s A Time in Quchi includes observations that are even more sophisticated and realistic. Mixing tender human truths and sly humor with dazzling vistas of the Taiwanese countryside, A Time in Quchi touches on the loneliness of the path to growing up.

2013 Locarno International Film Festival, Official Competition

CHANG Tso-chi
Born in 1961, CHANG acquired his film technique from several famous directors, including YUE Ham-ping and TSUI Hark. He began directing his own films in 1990. A Time in Quchi represents the perfect ending for his “Trilogy of Family Love”.