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Taiwan Movie Theatre - Forever Love

Taiwan Movie Theatre - Forever Love
Date: Friday, December 27, 2019
Time: 1 pm
Venue: Taiwanese Canadian Cultural Centre (8853 Selkirk Street, Vancouver)
Tel: 604-267-0901
Free admission

Forever Love

2013∣125min∣Color∣Fiction∣Mandarin, Taiwanese

Forever Love pays tribute to Taiwan’s local film industry in the 1960s when Taiwanese dialect films were cheap, stars were gods, and spies, giant monsters, and flying swordsmen crossed paths every day during lunch. In the summer of 1969, LIU, a top screenwriter is capable of cranking out multiple scripts at a time. But he is sick of writing the Spy No. 7 movie series for egotistic superstar WAN Bao-Long. But his grumpy shell is cracked when he meets star-truck Mei-Yue trying to sneak backstage at a premiere. Falling head over heels in love, he casts her in the upcoming Spy No. 7 sequel. This decision leads to a bittersweet romance spanning decades. Told in sweetly-campy flashbacks and semi-animated inserts, this nostalgic comedy set during the heyday of Taiwanese language cinema is a love letter to Taiwan’s history as much as it is a romance for the ages.

2013 Hong Kong International Film Festival
2013 Taipei Film Awards, Best Screenplay
2013 New York Asian Film Festival
2013 Golden Horse Awards, nominated for Best Original Film Song

Aozaru SHIAO
Director KITAMURA is a Taipei-based Japanese actor/director. His directorial feature debut is Love You 10,000 Years (2010). SHIAO’s short film Lamb (2004) was nominated for two Golden Horse Awards. Forever Love is the second feature film of both directors.