It’s time to support Taiwan’s international participation: Canadian scholar

Canadian scholar Scott Simon called in his article “It’s time for Canada to support Taiwan’s place in the international community” that integrating Taiwan into the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) should be a priority for his country as Taiwan is not only an important transit hub in Asia for Canadian residents but for many Canadian citizens and immigrants flying onward to the Philippines, Vietnam and India.

He stated that Taiwan’s non-participation in ICAO means delay in its sharing of important flight information with other countries such as the United States, and it is not acceptable for a country that hosted no less than 1.6 million flights and 66 million air passengers in 2017 (numbers roughly comparable to France and only slightly behind Australia).

Mr. Simon mentioned Taiwan was invited to the ICAO Assembly in 2013 but because of Chinese pressure, the invitation was not extended in 2016 for the triennial event. He pointed out at this year’s G7 summit where the Global Avian Security Plan was discussed and demanded, the communiqué says that excluding parties for political purposes compromises aviation safety and security. He therefore called on the Canadian government to make the most meaningful demand for Taiwan’s participation in ICAO, which is also in Canada’s best interest as helps heighten avian security.