Taiwan seeks professional, pragmatic participation in UNFCCC: Environmental Minister Chang

Speaking with Taiwan Review, Chang Tzi-chin, Minister of Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) of the Republic of China (Taiwan) said Taiwan’s exclusion from the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) is unfair and incompatible with its call for extensive cooperation across the world on environmental issues, disregards the Paris Agreement’s emphasis on climate justice and violates the principles of the UN Charter.

As the world’s 22nd largest economy, Minister Chang said, Taiwan has a responsibility to tackle with other countries the urgent threat posed by climate change. “No one should be left behind in this fight.”

Despite frustrations, Taiwan continues seeking participation in the UNFCCC in a “professional, pragmatic and constructive manner,” Minister Chang added. One of the major aims of the EPA is to expand the country’s contributions to global environmental programs in such areas as ecological management, disaster prevention and early warning systems and energy efficient technologies.