Taipei 101 to feature Taiwan’s indigenous black bear, pheasant images in New Year fireworks

Taipei 101, the highest building in Taiwan and once the world's highest building (until Burj Khalifa in Dubai was established in 2010), will again present its New Year countdown fireworks and multi-media show on the night of Dec. 31st, 2019.

Costing NT$60 million (Rs.14.1 crore or nearly 2 million in US dollars), the Taipei 101’s New Year countdown fireworks and multi-media show for 2020, will go with a total of 16,000 shots lasting 300 seconds. The multi-media LED display, or T-Pad, will be installed on the 35th-to-90th-floor wall to represent images of Taiwan's rare and protected animal species including the leopard cat, Formosan black bear, mikado pheasant and green sea turtle under the slogan of "2020 Go Taiwan." (Focus Taiwan)

A representative preview of the Taipei 101 New Year countdown fireworks show: