On February 26, Mr. Charles Li, Director-General of TECC Chennai, was once again invited to The Garden of Peace School, situated in the remote village at Vellore district, founded by Prof. Ramu Manivannan, Head of the Department of Politics and Public Administration at University of Madras, to learn about the school's self-reliance plans which promote the eco-friendly culture and the advancement of the People's University.

On February 26, Mr. Charles Li, Director-General of TECC Chennai, was once again invited to The Garden of Peace Schoolsituated in the remote village at Vellore district, founded by Prof. Ramu Manivannan, Head of the Department of Politics and Public Administration at University of Madras, to learn about the school's self-reliance plans which promote the eco-friendly culture and the advancement of the People's University.

Currently, 170 deprived students are studying free education there. More than 100 teachers, parents and students were present in the meet.

Director-General Mr. Charles Li, along with Prof. ramu, principal, administrator, teachers and village elders, has visited the School campus, Conference hall, Library, Classrooms, Traditional oil extraction site and warehouse etc. which are designed and constructed by the teachers and Madras University students. He has watched folklore and modern dance performances by students and a mime show emphasizing the significance of blood donation.

He gave a speech and conveyed heartening support on behalf of TECC Chennai to the school and gave a brief introduction about Taiwan. He enunciated about the visit of 5 teachers to Taiwan workshop funded by the International Cooperation and Development Fund and encountered how they employed their skills and methods learnt during the workshops to the development of the community and the school by providing quality of education, empowering women on tailoring classes to make eco-friendly bags, extracting edible oil via traditional methods, raising cattle and sheep, and other food crops cultivated by themselves and attain self-sufficiency. He encouraged the students to treasure the opportunity of studying at the school and cited about the great opportunities to pursue their higher education as well as job in Taiwan.