The 2019 Taiwanese Film Festival was inaugurated in Chennai on October 14, 2019

In association with the Indo Cine Appreciation Foundation, Director-General Charles C. Li of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Center in Chennai inaugurated the 2019 Taiwanese Film Festival at the Alliance Française of Madras in Chennai on the evening of October 14, 2019.

Ms. Ananya Ramprasad, an Cine Artiste, led the Lamp lighting ceremony followed by Director-General Mr. Charles C. Li, along with Mr. Bruno Plasse, Director of the Alliance Française of MadrasMr. Jayaram Raipura, I.R.S., Commissioner of Income Tax, Chennai, Mr. Ravi Kottarakara, Secretary of the South Indian Film Chamber of Commerce, and as well as Mr. E. Thangaraj, General-Secretary of the Indo Cine Appreciation Foundation (ICAF).

The Director-General Charles C. Li thanked Mr. Thangaraj and his team of the ICAF for co-hosting the Taiwanese Film Festival every year. Taiwan also plays a role in the Chennai International Film Festival. Most of Taiwanese young directors are concerned about ordinary peoples’ predicaments in their lives, the alienation among people, and the problems faced by families, society, schools, and the environment. Director-General Charles C. Li welcomed the audience in Chennai to watch the five Taiwanese movies selected this year and think about all the issues, techniques and messages the directors are trying to convey through their films. Director-General Li also encouraged the audience to spend some time to visit Taiwan, a beautiful and friendly island country which also owns wonderful scenes for film-shooting.

The inaugural film "Who Killed Cock Robin," directed by Mr. Cheng Weihao, is about a car accident in the mountains with casualties. However there were not enough proofs to identify the truth of the car accident, thus it entails the suspense story. The films "The Tenants Downstairs" and "Lokah Laqi" will be screened at 6 pm and 7:4 5pm on October 15. Each scene in "The Tenants Downstairs" is exquisite, describing the different facets of the people. The most exciting element is the evolution of the character of the actors and the fake story from the protagonist's point of view, which makes people fall into the dark heart of the male lead. The second storyline of the indigenous Atayal director Laha Mebow "Hang in there, Kids" became the most prominent winner of the 18th Taipei Film Awardand won the "Millions First Prize," as well as the "Best Story Feature," "Best Director," "Best New Actor" and "Best Clip"- five awards altogether.

At 6 pm and 7:40 pm on October 16,  "Long Time No Sea" and "Pakeriran" will be screened. "Long Time No Sea," directed by Heather Tsui, takes on the generational culture of indigenous Tao as its central axis. It not only presents the landscape beauty of the Orchid Island, but also reflects the current situation of education in the local township, and more delicately depicts the touching and affectionate bonds between generationsThe local Tao people played pivotal roles in the entire film and the film has become one of the most popular films in Taiwan's history.

"Pakeriran" depicts the traditional festival of indigenous Amis "Sacepo," and a wholesome love story. The story speaks of the protagonist's resentful return to the tribe to participate in the sea festival.

  Director-General of TECC, Mr. Charles C. Li  lights the inaugural lamp


The Treasurer of the Indo Cine Appreciation Foundation accords decorative garland to Director-General Mr. Charles Li


 VIPs at the opening ceremony


Chief guest group photo following the lamp lighting ceremony


 Address of Mr. Ravi Kottarakara, Secretary of the South Indian Film Chamber of Commerce


Address by Mr. Bruno Plasse, Director of the Alliance Française of Madras


Address by Director-General Mr. Charles C. Li


Address from Mr. Jayaram Raipura, I.R.S., Commissioner of Income Tax, Chennai


The audience


Post-Ceremony VIP Group photo