Director-General Ben Wang participated in Apache Footwear India new factory groundbreaking ceremony in Andhra Pradesh.

Apache Footwear India Pvt Ltd in the state of Andhra Pradesh was hosting a groundbreaking ceremony for a new factory on 24 December 2020.  To celebrate the auspicious occasion, Andhra Pradesh CM Jagan Reddy honored the ceremony and Mr. Ben Wang, Director-General of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Center in Chennai (TECC), was invited as the guest of honor.

Mr. Wang mentioned that India is still a favorable destination for Taiwan businessmen despite the violence erupting at Winstron Electronics in the state of Karnataka a couple days ago.  He said that the incident has caused worries and heated discussions in Taiwan regarding doing business in India. Meanwhile, he knew from the news media that India government was also concerned of adverse impacts on Taiwanese investors and was worried that it might dampen the global trend of investing in India.

Winstron issue is unfortunate and unacceptable; however, Apache Footwear Company has decided to expand their operation in Andhra Pradesh by adding a new plant.  With the expansion, an estimation of 1.8 million pairs of sport shoes will be added to the production line and an extra 15 thousand job opportunity will be offered; Mr. Wang was pleased to praise the expansion of Apache Footwear as a timely message reassuring the continued growth of the Taiwan-India economic relations.  

Director General Chang of the Apache Footwear pointed out that their investment in India would not be affected by any isolated instance and that India has been a potential market for his company to continuously invest in. CM Jagan Reddy welcomed Apache Footwear’s expansion which would create more employment opportunity contributing to the livelihood improvement for the residents.  He stressed that the State government puts an emphasis on a sound employer-employee relationship and that Taiwan is one of the most important trade partners whose rightful interests shall be duly safeguarded. 

To avoid groundless speculations and send out a right message, Mr. Wang highlighted in his speech that Taiwan government remains steadfast in its policy to foster a close economic relation with India; both the Taiwan government and private sectors shares the same view that India is the key destination for investments. 

Mr. Wang also took this opportunity to call for coordination of the Indian Central and State governments to provide better services needed for the Taiwanese investors, such as supply of clean water and stable power, land use and infrastructure, convenience in visa application procedure and incentive measures for investments.  He emphasized that One Window service is critical in facilitating the above-mentioned services.  Lip service without taking real action would only do a disservice and in turn affect investment decisions to India, he stated.

Mr. Wang invited CM Jagan Reddy to visit Taiwan next year post pandemic.  The former said the trip would help promote familiarity and friendship between two sides and be taken as a gesture to welcome and encourage more investments from Taiwan.