Representative Wu explores business opportunities in the Latvian city of Valka

Representative Wu of the Taipei Mission in the Republic of Latvia visited the city of Valka in Northern Latvia and called on Mayor Vents Krauklis to discuss feasibilities of exchange between Valka and Taiwan cities on June 21, 2017. In addition, Representative Wu also paid visits to several enterprises in the fields of electronics and auto parts with mayor Krauklis to explore opportunities of joint venture between companies in Valka and Taiwan.

The city of Valka played an important role in Latvian independence in early 20th century. The Latvian Provisional National Council was established in Valka on November 17, 1917 and adopted two pioneer resolutions. The first addressed to Russian Revolutionary to proclaim unification of all Latvian lands and the second addressed to foreign countries to proclaim Latvia's autonomy.  One year later in 1918, Latvia officially declared its independence in Riga. In 1920 Valka was divided into two sections governed by Latvia and Estonia and is currently one of the four twin cities in Europe. In 2007 Latvia and Estonia both joined the Schengen Zone and abolished the border control checkpoints, allowing people from the two sides of the city to move freely and interact with each other. Later, the municipal governments from both sides initiated the “One City, Two States” program to enhance bilateral cooperation in transport, trade, culture and education with an aim to increase the well-being of their residents.

On his visit to automobile electronic component producer EFN Nord Company in Valka industrial zone, Representative Wu discussed with its president on topics of further cooperation possibilities with Taiwanese counterparts, including joint venture on electric bicycles.

Valka Mayor Mr. Vents Krauklis welcomes Representative Wu and Mrs. Wu

Mayor Krauklis gives a briefing on municipal administration

Representative Wu visits outdoor theater facilities in Valka with Mayor Krauklis.