Taipei Mission participates in the Jurmala International Contemporary Art Fair

Taipei Mission in the Republic of Latvia participated in the First Jurmala International Contemporary Art Fair, held in the well-known Riga Gulf resort city of Jurmala from August 19 to 22, 2017. Representative Wu and Dr. Wang, Sun-sheng, Director of ART Taipei 2016, briefed visitors on Taiwan’s diverse culture and art market respectively.

More than 200 guests packed the opening ceremony and enjoyed their visual touring on 120 paintings form three dozen galleries and exhibits of the Mission. Delicate puppets of the well-known figures Liu Bei, Guan Yu and Chang Fei from the Romance of Three Kingdoms and God Imitation (Ban Shian) figures of Three Stars from Taiwanese folk opera and flower arrangements were displayed at the obvious corner of exhibition tent.

Representative Wu’s presentation focused on Taiwan’s diverse culture, created by immigrants from different stages. He is of the opinion that Taiwan’s matured civil society conducts cultural integration in the island nation. Dr. Wang, on the other hand, introduced art development in Asian countries and shared his experiences in organizing the 2016 Taipei International Art Fair.

Representative Wu gives a speech

"Art Taipei" Director Emerson Wang gives a speech