“The Dialogue” : Taiwan-Malaysia Printmaking Exhibition 2019

In order to promote the cultural and artistic exchanges between Taiwan and Malaysia, “The Dialogue” - Taiwan Malaysia Print-Making Exhibition 2019 will be held in Hall 2, Oriental Art & Cultural Center (OACC) from 23 February to 17 March. The exhibition displays artworks from 40 Taiwanese and 20 Malaysian printmaking artists.

“The Dialogue” is about the relationship between the artists and the heavens and the earth, and their perspective and thoughts on the four seasons of life. It also includes the relationship, or dialogue, between the artists’ artworks and the viewer. Every artist comes from a different background and culture, and through the use of their uniquely different materials for their artwork, they have expressed their views on life and portrayed their feelings in a natural and omnipresent manner.

Workshops conducted by the curator and printmaking artist from Taiwan - Professor Chung You-Hui and Professor Lin Hsueh Ching will also be at OACC from 27 February – 1 March.
Meanwhile, the father of modern printmaking, Professor Liao Shiou Ping’s personal exhibition “The Art of Liao Shiou Ping” will be ongoing from 20 February – 8 April at the National Art Gallery to showcase masterpieces by Professor Liao in the past 60 years.

These exhibitions are with free admission. For more information, log on to  www.oacc.my  and www.artgallery.gov.my.