Taiwan Newsletter Issue 130

Headline News


President Tsai Ing-wen criticizes China for hiding truth about Tiananmen massacre




While the world is still seeking the truth about the loss of thousands of pro-democracy protesters during the violent crackdown on June 4, 1989, the Chinese authorities continue to cover up the truth about the Tiananmen massacre. “Whether a nation is civilized or not, depends on how it treats its people and how it faces its mistakes,” President Tsai said, while pledging to safeguard Taiwan’s freedom and democracy.


Also speaking in commemoration of the 30th anniversary of the bloody crackdown, former U.S. diplomat and director of the American Institute in Taiwan, William Kenton, said that Taiwanese people should see the violent crackdown on the student protests as a warning that Beijing is capable of aggression against Taiwan. Stanton also called for all nations to pay attention to the ongoing systematic oppression of Uyghurs in Xinjiang and to support Taiwan in the face of potential aggression by China.


Pentagon: Partnership with Taiwan vital


In its recently released Indo-Pacific Strategy Report, the U.S. Department of Defense said that at a time when China is escalating its pressure against Taiwan, the Washington-Taipei partnership has been critical to the region and the U.S. will continue to ensure Taiwan will have sufficient capability to defend itself.


“The U.S. has a vital interest in upholding the rules-based international order, which includes a strong, prosperous, and democratic Taiwan. The U.S. is pursuing a strong partnership with Taiwan and will faithfully implement the Taiwan Relations Act (TRA), as part of a broader commitment to the security and stability of the Indo-Pacific. Our partnership is vital given China’s continued pressure campaign against Taiwan,” the Pentagon said in the report.


Ambassador Chen Hsin Hsin calls for Dutch support for Taiwan

Referring to Taiwan and the Netherlands as democracies sharing the same liberal character and values, Ambassador Chen Hsin Hsin called on the Dutch government in an interview with Dutch national daily De Telegraaf to voice its support for Taiwan’s participation in international organizations including WHO. Chen also offered Taiwan’s expertise and experience in digital security against Chinese cyber- attacks and threats by Chinese telecommunication companies. For full article:



Economy & Society


Taiwan’s economic growth rate to top Asia’s 4 tigers


London-based financial information firm HIS Markit predicts that Taiwan’s economic growth rate of 2 percent will, for the first time in more than 10 years, be the highest among Asia’s 4 tigers, including Hong Kong (1.8 percent), South Korea (1.7 percent) and Singapore (1.4 percent).


Although Taiwan’s predicted economic growth rate has been reduced by 0.1 percent point from the firm’s previous prediction, it is still comfortably ahead of its three Asian rival tigers.


Taiwan’s Directorate General of Budget, Accounting and Statistics expects a growth rate of 2.27 percent.


Matsu liquor wins global recognition




Taiwan's Matsu Liquor Factory Industry Co., Ltd. has gained recognition with one kaoliang product with alcohol content of 58 percent winning the Grand Gold Quality Award at Monde Selection 2019 in Brussels.


Another product, Tongyung Ta Chu Liquor, has been granted the Gold Award at Monde Selection.


Created in 1961, Monde Selection is run by the Brussels-based International Institute for Quality Selections.