Visitor Visas for Tourism or Business Purpose

For those who intend to travel to Taiwan, Republic of China for a short visit, shall submit the following:
1. An online Visa Application Form
2.Two passport size photos 1.5” x 2” with white background (taken w/in the last 3 months)
3. Passport valid for at least 6 months and old passport showing previous travels
4. Birth Certificate issued by  Philippine Statistics Office (PSA)
5. Marriage Contract issued by PSA (if female applicant is married)
6. Certificate of Employment (If applicant is younger than 18 years of age or a student, has to submit an evidence of enrollment at school, college)
7. Financial statements of the applicant or guardian (Bank Book or Bank Statements)
8. Traveling on BUSINESS, you must also submit:
(1.) Certificate of Business Name Registration and SEC Registration(If owner of the company)
(2.) Invitation Letter from Taiwan company / organization
(3.) Request letter from applicant’s company
(4.) Certificate of Employment
9.For Non-Filipino applicant:
(1.)Foreign residents with long-term or permanent status in the Philippines applying for a visitor visa must submit, in addition to the above requirements (except birth and marriage certificates), a copy of their Alien Certificate of Registration (ACR I-Card) issued by the Philippine government.
(2.)Visa application of foreigners who are on short-term (temporary) visa in the Philippines must submit, in addition to the above requirements (except birth and marriage certificates), a confirmed onward or return tickets and Travel Itinerary in Taiwan
(3.)Nationals from Afghanistan, Algeria, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Cameroon, Gambia, Ghana, India (Identity Certificate), Iraq, Nepal, Niger, Nigeria, Pakistan, Senegal, Somalia, Sri Lanka, Syria applying for visitor visas, please see here

10.Other Supporting Documents if required.
11. The applicant will be scheduled for an interview if required.
12. All documents submitted to this office should be Original and with 1 photocopy.


NOTE: Applicants over 60 years of age for tourist purpose may waive the documents No.6 and No.7 above.