Visa-free treatment for the Philippines

The government of the Republic of China (Taiwan) announced on 2 July 2019 the extension of 14-day visa-free entry program for the Philippines until 31 July 2020. The Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in the Philippines encourages more Filipino friends to well use the visa-free status and to visit Taiwan as often as possible to enjoy its beautiful attractions, the wide variety of shopping and dining options, and the warm hospitality.


The following information contains answers to frequently asked questions about the Taiwan visa-free entry program:


  • Who is eligible to visit Taiwan without a visa?

All Filipinos including the former OFWs in Taiwan, those who have never been abroad and minors are able to travel to Taiwan without a visa for the purposes of tourism, business, transit, visiting relatives, attending functions or events.


  • Can those who worked in Taiwan before visit Taiwan under visa-free?

Yes, they can visit Taiwan so long as they don’t work or overstay (not exceed 14 days) in Taiwan.


  • Are there restrictions on visa-free visits per year?

No, there are no restrictions on the number of visit per year. Moreover, we encourage Filipino friends to utilize the visa-free status and to visit Taiwan as often as possible.


  • How long can a visa-free visitor stay in Taiwan?

A visa-free visitor can stay in Taiwan for 14 days starting from the day after the date of arrival. The duration of stay is not extendable; visitors must depart before the end of the said duration of 14 days.

Those who intend to stay in Taiwan for more than 14 days or for the purpose of study, employment and other activities that require permits or qualifications must obtain appropriate visas before traveling to Taiwan from the Taipei Economic & Cultural Office in the Philippines or any other overseas mission of the Republic of China (Taiwan).


  • How do I calculate the 14-day duration of stay in Taiwan?

The duration of stay begins on the following day of your arrival in Taiwan, and you must leave Taiwan on or before the 15th day of your arrival.

However, if you need to stay in Taiwan beyond 14 days because of force majeure, such as severe acute illness, or natural disaster, you can apply for a visitor visa at the Bureau of Consular Affairs or the branch offices of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


  • What happens to me if I stay beyond the 14-day visa-free period?

The duration of 14-day visa-free is not extendable. If you overstayed, aside from a fine being applied to you, you will also be banned from using the visa-free entry program for at least one year. Moreover, your overstay record will cause you problems when you apply for a visa of the Republic of China (Taiwan) in the future.


  • Does a visa-free visitor need to obtain any specific authorization or E-visa before entering Taiwan?

No, there is no need to apply for a visa sticker, or E-visa nor an online “Travel Authorization Certificate” prior to boarding an airplane or cruise ship.


  • What entry requirements must a visa-free visitor meet?
  1. Possess an ordinary/regular passport with remaining validity of at least six months from the date of entry;
  2. Hold a confirmed return plane or boat ticket, or a confirmed plane or boat ticket, along with a valid visa, for an onward destination;
  3. Provide the confirmation of hotel reservations or an address and contact details for their stay in Taiwan, as well as sufficient travel funds (i.e. cash, credit cards, travelerschecks, money orders etc.)  ;
  4. Not determined by immigration officers at ports of entry in Taiwan to be otherwise ineligible.

And then present the completed arrival card with passport to the immigration officials at an airport or seaport upon their arrival in Taiwan.


  • What circumstances may cause a denial of entry into Taiwan?

Visa-free travelers must satisfy the above four basic requirements, but some travelers may be denied entry to Taiwan if they have a criminal record or have overstayed in Taiwan or cannot demonstrate sufficient funds to support themselves while in Taiwan. For more information about Taiwan immigration entry/exit regulations, please visit the website of National Immigration Agency of the R.O.C. (Taiwan) at


  • How do I prove that I have sufficient financial resources to the immigration officer? Do I need to provide my “bank statement” or other financial documents?

All foreign visitors must be able to prove that they have sufficient funds (i.e. cash, credit cards, traveler’s checks, etc.) to cover their travel, lodging, entertainment, meals, etc. in order to be admitted into Taiwan.

However, no requirement of minimum currency or amount on your bank statement to ensure your entry into Taiwan. The immigration officers determine the admission of the visitor based on the information that can prove that the visitor has sufficient funds to cover travelling expenses  while in Taiwan.


  • Shall I present an “NBI clearance certificate” to the immigration officer upon arrival at a port of entry in Taiwan?

No, but the visitor using visa-free entry program will be denied the entry into Taiwan if he/she has a criminal record in Taiwan or in another country.


  • Can Philippine citizens travel on visa-free entry program to Taiwan from another country other than the Philippines?

Yes, Philippine citizens can visit Taiwan from another country other using visa-free entry program as long as they hold a confirmed return/onward plane or boat ticket together with an ordinary/regular passport with remaining validity of at least six months, and the confirmation of hotel reservations or an address and contact details for their stay in Taiwan.