Mahota x Taiwan Chiayi County Fair





Mahota will be holding a Taiwan Chiayi County Fair at Mahota Market from this weekend onwards! Besides lovely Fresh Produce including rainbow sweet peppers 彩色甜椒,variety of citrus, mandarin oranges 柳丁、椪柑, grapefruit葡萄柚, expect a fantastic line up of Specialty Gourmet foods (XO sauce Mullet Roe 乌鱼, bamboo shoots 竹笋), Snacks (fruit & veggie chips, fruit jellies, Aiyu 爱玉) and local Ali Shan Coffee/Teas 阿里山!

If you are a fan of all things Taiwanese, do drop by to snap up these fresh deals and enjoy yummy sampling too.

Mahota Market open daily 9am to 9pm
809 French Road Level 3 Kitchener Complex