R.O.C. Veterans Association in Singapore Celebrates Veterans’ Day

On 31 October 2019, Representative Francis Kuo-Hsin Liang attended the Veterans’ Day celebration organized by the R.O.C. Veterans Association in Singapore.  The event saw over 60 attendees, including veterans like Mr. He Yongdao, a 99-year-old former Flying Tiger pilot, and the office bearers of the Overseas Community Affairs Council.

In his address, Representative Liang commended the R.O.C. Veterans Association for its long-standing efforts in fostering the spirit of unity among the Taiwanese veteran community in Singapore.  He also expressed his appreciation for the Association’s unwavering support for Taiwan over the past 14 years, and for its role in strengthening exchanges between Taiwan and Singapore.

Mr. Jacob Su, the chairman of the R.O.C. Veterans Association in Singapore invited Representative Liang and Mr. He to join him at the cake-cutting ceremony.  This was followed by the customary introduction of the new members of the association, and the evening’s celebrations ended on a high note with everyone singing army songs together.

Representative Liang (right) with Mr. Jacob Su, chairman of the  R.O.C. Veterans Association in Singapore, and Mr He Yongdao (central) cutting the cake at the Veterans’ Day celebration.

Group photo of Representative Francis Liang (front row, sixth from left) and members of the R.O.C. Veterans Association in Singapore.