Taiwan Builds Bridges in Singapore with Film and TV Introductions, Pitching Meet-up

Taiwan’s Bureau of Audiovisual and Music Industry Development (BAMID) held a press conference at the Taiwan Pavilion at the Singapore Marina Bay Sands Conference Center today, December 4, at 2 p.m. The event was held to introduce Taiwan’s TV and film products to foreign buyers and the media. Francis Kuo-hsin Liang, ROC Representative to Singapore, and Chen Shu-man, Head of the Bureau of Audiovisual and Music Industry Development’s Radio and Television Industry Division. Mr. S. Iswaran, the Minister for Communications and Information also in attendance to encourage Taiwan’s participants in the Asia TV Forum and Market 2019 and the Singapore International Film Festival 2019. They also kicked off international exchange activities being held at the Taiwan Pavilion with industry representatives and members of the international press.

Continuing on a tradition started in 2016 to strengthen connections with Southeast Asia, BAMID is hosting a “national team” of exhibitors at the Taiwan Pavilion of the Asia TV Market and Forum (ATF). This year, 32 firms are showcasing 81 of their most stellar works at the ATF. This year, not only the number of exhibitors and works has increased, but the types of works exhibited are more diverse. In addition to documentaries, travel and variety shows, this year has brought many high-quality animations and children's programs. The dramas have urban love, family ethics, Campus youth, criminal investigation, suspense and horror, and more high-quality dramas with the theme of homosexuality and law. From the works exhibited by this year's exhibitors, we can see that Taiwan's IP has begun to be in line with international trends and has been recognized in the Golden Bell Awards and the audience. The three-day event will open new doors to international cooperation and sales for Taiwan’s film and TV sector.

The Taiwan showcase this year putting in an appearance were drama “76 Horror Bookstore” director Chuang Hsuanwei, hosts Huang Chingi and Chang Shuwei “Fly the Jumper” hosts Tsai Juihsueh, Wu Nien Hsua and Fanchiang Yenfeng. Their presence underscores how important Taiwan’s entertainment industry believes the overseas market to be to their future success.


Taiwan’s audiovisual products are aimed at a global audience. Featuring topics that suit every viewer and engaging scripts, Taiwan’s films and TV shows bear a unique Taiwan imprint and highlight Taiwan’s rich, unbridled creativity. In recent years, through active media cooperation with domestic production terminals and foreign platforms, and has successfully attracted international platforms such as HBO, Netflix, FOX and Singapore New Media, and joint ventures, together with the local production, can attract international attention .The high-quality works show that Taiwanese works are internationally competitive.

Following the press conference, BAMID hosted its first overseas pitching meeting. Hosting this event was Roger Cheng, Executive Producer at both the Discovery Channel, who has also been a reporter for BBC and, ESPN. Programs presented included “Fraudsters” ,“Fly the Jumper” ,“76 Horror Bookstore : Tin of Fear”, “2049” , “The Summer Temple Fair”. Two animations were also featured: “2049-Robot W” and “VET”, and two documentaries “Chronos” and “The Spririts”Advising international venture capitalists and production companies in an all-English way to attract international capital and cross-border cooperation opportunities. Due to the variety of works and high-quality IP, will be present and interactive. BAMID hopes that through this event, overseas venture capitalists and operators will further understand the soft power of Taiwan's original IP, and strive for international cooperation and investment opportunities in advance.