Realizing the Vision of UN’s Sustainable Development Goals

The Grand Opening for the “2017 International Environmental Partnership Conference” on September 25, 2017
Environmental pollution knows no national boundaries. Many pollutants spread across nations through different media. Thus, pollution is hard for any single nation to deal with, and requires regional environmental cooperation. In light of this, in April of 2014, the Environmental Protection Administration (Taiwan EPA), Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and founding partner, the United States Environmental Protection Agency, launched the International Environmental Partnership, which allowed Taiwan’s New Southbound Policy nations and other partner nations to come together and strive for the goal of a better global environment.
To implement UN’s Sustainable Development Goal 17 “Global Partnership for Sustainable Development” the Taiwan EPA will hold the “2017 International Environmental Partnership Conference” on September 25, 2017 in the conference hall on the 14th floor of Howard Service International House (No.30, Xinsheng S. Rd. Sec. 3, Daan Dist., Taipei City 106, Taiwan). The meeting contains the “Environmental Enforcement and Compliance Workshop” and “Circular Economy Innovation of the Future-Circular Economy Global Forum and Working Meeting.” Officials from 13 nations, including the U.S., the European Union, United Kingdom, Thailand, Vietnam, Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland, the Republic of Estonia, Japan, Korea, New Zealand, and the Republic of El Salvador will share their experience in environmental law enforcements and issues related to a circular economy. The keynote speech will be given by Mr. F. Weerwind, the mayor of Almere City of the Netherlands, to share the successful experience about how they created a circular city in urban Amsterdam. The activity, apart from assisting the Executive Yuan to promote the New Southbound Policy, will also communicate its environmental protection auditing practices with officials from the U.S., Thailand, and Vietnam; also, we’ve invited representatives from international industrial and political sectors such as European Union to exchange with us their successful cases and innovative approaches towards “plastic” and “leftover food” issues. The EPA hopes to promote international cooperation partnership on a bilateral and reginal tier with these activities, and sincerely welcome environmental protection partners to join the event.

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