Love and Empathy Transcend Boundaries Taiwan's warm assistance to Thai-Myanmar borders continues

Taiwan's Representative to Thailand, Dr. Lee, Ying-Yuan and the Executive Director of The Border Consortium (TBC), Ms. Sally Thompson, have signed an annual cooperative agreement today. Based on the cooperative agreement Taiwan will donate USD 80,000 and continue its support for nutrition and education program carried out by TBC at refugee communities in Thailand along the Thai-Myanmar borders. The program aims at maintaining health nutritional status among refugee families and helps to build community awareness and capacities on public health.

"Humanitarian concern and International mutual assistance are core value of Taiwan's foreign policy," Representative Lee remarked in the ceremony. He looks forward to having joint cooperations with Thai government through NGOs in humanitarian aid for those who is in dire need. "Today, I would also like to take this opportunity, on behave of Taiwan government, to donate 12,000 pieces of cloth face masks to TBC for enhancing the hygienic condition in refugee camps." Representative Lee announced in the signing ceremony.

Upon receiving the donation, Executive Director Ms. Thompson expressed her deep appreciation to the Taiwan government for its generosity and being together with TBC for long to assist in improving living condition of refugees. With Taiwan's help, TBC has fulfilled plenty of projects which indeed benefit numerous displaced and conflict-affected persons along the Thai-Myanmar borders. “Taiwan is our solid partner in carrying out humanitarian assistance. We do hope this warm support will continue.”She added.

"Wherever is in need, Taiwan is there. This is the spirit and vision of Taiwan government's foreign humanitarian policy"  Representative Lee mentioned in an interview after the signing ceremony. He said, this philosophy is practiced by Taiwan's New Southbound Policy initiated by President Tsai, Ing-wen, which emphasizes people to people's connection, and attaches great importance to individual's welfare. This is also the key idea of UN SDG's goal of ensuring healthy lives and promoting well-being for all at all ages. Taiwan is walking along with the universal value of humanitarian assistance to show the respect towards human beings.

Taiwan has financially supported TBC for years to implement various refugee care projects, and is the sole donating country from this region.