Taiwan lauded as a “bastion of liberal democracy” by The Times

On 30 May, The Times published an online article titled “Taiwan cherishes its role as a beacon of freedom and will never countenance Beijing rule” after its Beijing correspondent Didi Tang travelled to Taiwan and experienced first-hand the differences between Taiwan and China. Upon his arrival in Taipei, Didi Tang found that “Google Maps works and attitudes towards political protest are radically different to China; No wonder Taiwan is hailed as a bastion of liberal democracy,” the article stated. The author highlighted Taiwan’s progressive values, reflected in its “vivid civil society” and approach to gay rights.


The piece also emphasised Taiwan’s current ranking of 42nd in the 2018 World Press Freedom Index by Reporters Without Borders (RWB), news of the Hong Kong-based International Human Rights Film Festival’s move from Hong Kong to Taiwan as well as the Taiwanese government’s unveiling the National Human Rights Museum.