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Taiwan condemns politically-motivated cancellation of East Asian Youth Games

Taiwan condemns politically-motivated cancellation of East Asian Youth Games 2

(Courtesy of East Asian Youth Games official website)


On 24 July, the Office of the President strongly condemned China’s politically-motivated pressure on the East Asian Olympic Committee (EAOC) to cancel the 2019 East Asian Youth Games in Taichung City. The Office said this move represents political meddling in sports, adding that China’s irrational behaviour and the EAOC’s decision to cancel the games are extremely regrettable. The cancellation of the games at this late stage marks the latest move in Beijing’s campaign to suppress Taiwan’s international space and advance its agenda through exerting pressure on non-political arenas, the Office stated. The Office of the President also called on the international community to recognise the harm China’s behaviour poses to the stability, security and well-being of international society.


That same day, the Cabinet also denounced China’s interference in the EAOC. Athletic competition and exchanges should be the sole considerations in the staging of such an event, the Cabinet stated, adding that China’s actions trample on Taichung’s hard work and undermine the rights of participating nations. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) and Cabinet-level Mainland Affairs Council (MAC) also issued statements condemning China’s behaviour. China’s success in cancelling the games serves as a stark warning to other parties of what lies ahead if they refuse to kowtow to Beijing, MOFA stated. MAC also pointed out that China’s actions are a clear violation of the Olympic Charter.