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44 academics and former officials write open letter supporting Taiwan

44 academics, former government and military officials and other friends abroad wrote and signed an open letter expressing their support for Taiwan, which was published as a leader in the Taipei Times on 9 January. In their letter, scholars and experts from the UK, US, Australia, Canada, Denmark, France, Slovenia and Switzerland praised President Tsai’s “four musts” and “Taiwan Consensus” as the right response in the face of China’s calls for unification under “one country, two systems”. The letter applauded the courageous stance of the Taiwanese people in resisting China’s pressure and protecting their own democratic system.


The 44 supporters also expressed concern over Beijing’s latest subversive techniques of deception and disinformation against Taiwan, and called on officials in their countries to stand firm in defending Taiwan: “We urge our own governments to make clear to Beijing that Taiwan does not stand alone.” The letter concluded by calling for unity and continuity in Taiwan to face the challenges that lie ahead. Later that day, Taiwan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs thanked these allies for their strong support.