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“Leaders in Future Trend (LIFT)” online application open from July 21st to August 14th

Online Application Open: from July 21st to August 14th

An Introduction to the Newly Launched “Leaders in Future Trend (LIFT)” Program by the Ministry of Science and Technology, Taiwan

Leaders in Future Trend (LIFT) program, launched by the Ministry of Science and Technology, Taiwan (MOST) in July this year (2017), aims to recruit 100 overseas Taiwanese holding doctorate degrees, of the Republic of China nationality, and under the age of 45, to contribute their expertise and develop collaborative partnerships with Taiwanese industries.

The main venues of the LIFT program are the three “Sharing Hubs”, located at the biggest science parks in Taiwan: Hsinchu, Central Taiwan and Southern Taiwan Science Parks. The “Sharing Hubs” will be setup in collaboration with local industries, academia and research institutions to serve as platforms for the participants to share their expertise and experiences. They can either participate in LIFT exchange events or proactively plan and organize sharing events, according to their specialty and professional backgrounds.

The duration of the 2017 program is up to one year, which includes monthly exchange subsidies and access to the science park housing application, as well as an application for admission to the bilingual departments in science parks or schools nearby for their children.

Taiwanese industries and academic institutions can benefit through the interaction with the participants to establish new contacts, learn the latest technology trends, get to know their new ideas, and become part of the global community. On the other hand, participants can establish their professional network through LIFT events and activities as a basis of career advancement and continuing professional development.

The deadline for the application is August 14, 2017. Send in your application now and you are already halfway home. For further information, please visit our website: or email to