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Taiwan’s efforts combating COVID-19 earn international praise

Taiwan’s timely and transparent efforts combating COVID-19 have been the subject of praise across international media, featuring in articles from 243 outlets spotlighting growing support worldwide for the country’s inclusion in the activities, mechanisms and meetings of the World Health Organization, according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs March 6.

In an article titled “The Coronavirus Outbreak: How Democratic Taiwan Outperformed Authoritarian China” on The Diplomat, Victor Pu said Taiwan has shown the world the best defense against disease is free flow of information. Government measures such as releasing timely updates on social media and implementing a surgical mask rationing system that includes a real-time map of availability are keeping the total number of cases down, he added.

Taiwan’s success comes despite continued shutout from the WHO as noted by David Keene in his piece headlined “Playing coronavirus politics: China puts Taiwan and world at risk” on The Washington Times. He said Taiwan has abundant experience and expertise stemming from the severe acute respiratory syndrome outbreak in 2003, adding that in the face of COVID-19, China should no longer block membership of the global body if it is serious about ensuring a seamless international safety network.

Other editorials, opinion pieces and stories have been published by media outlets including The Guardian and The Edinburgh Reporter from the U.K.; Le Monde and, France; International Affairs Review, India; Gazeta Wyborcza, Poland; Fodor’s Travel, Canada; Getaway, South Africa; and The Star, St. Lucia.

According to the MOFA, a growing chorus backing Taiwan’s inclusion in the WHO is testament to the country’s contributions to global public health. The government will continue working with allies and like-minded partners to prevent the spread of COVID-19, the ministry said, adding that Taiwan Can Help realize health for all.