Director General Vincent Yao of Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Seattle attends the Moon Festival Celebration held by Tacoma Chinese Reconciliation Project Foundation

Director General Vincent Yao attended Tacoma Moon Festival, held at the Tacoma Chinese Reconciliation Park on September 15, 2018.

Tacoma Chinese Reconciliation Project Foundation holds the annual Moon Festival Celebration, aiming to promote the understanding of the cultural background of the Moon Festival and increase Tacoma citizens’ awareness of the diverse culture.

Tacoma Chinese Reconciliation Project Foundation not only invited the Seattle Chinese Opera Club but also indigenous school students from the local community to perform traditional operas and dances. Cambodian classical folk dance and Chinese lion dance were also seen on the stage. The audience cheered when the Moon Princess Chang’E showed up in the last segment of the event.

There were Chinese food stands as well as exhibitions of calligraphy, tea ceremony, and handicrafts-making at the fair.