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TECO San Francisco donated 5,000 medical masks to Rotary Club of San Francisco

Director General Lai donated 5,000 Taiwan-made medical masks to the Rotary Club of San Francisco on November 5 to continue to manifest the humanitarian spirit of "Taiwan can help."

President of the Rotary Club of San Francisco J.T. Forbus, Deputy President Susan Dean, President-Elect Mary Liu, and District Governor Mary Bates were all present to show their appreciation. President Forbus thanked the people of Taiwan for their love and friendship, and lauded Taiwan's outstanding performance in combatting the virus.  The Rotary Club of San Francisco took the initiative to contact TECO in the hope of participating in the service plan organized by Rotary Clubs nationwide to fight against the virus, and looks forward to enhancing cooperation and exchanges with the office.

Director General Lai introduced Taiwan's vigorous civil society and the partnership between the government and NGOs, which has led to extraordinary achievements through close cooperation on international issues of common concern.

Director General Lai also mentioned that the "Taiwan Model" have been widely recognized through providing medical equipment and supplies to countries in need and exchanging information with the world.  Taiwan is willing to contribute and cooperate with the Rotary Club to fight the pandemic.