Chinese for Tourists: Mandarin On-The-Go in Taiwan


The Ministry of Education launched its "Mandarin On-the-Go in Taiwan" program in August 2017.

Chinese Language Centers associated with universities in different parts of Taiwan are offering specially selected distinctive study tours each year.

"Mandarin On-the-Go" links culture with real life, and it brings learners and social environments, "travelling" and "learning" together. It puts participants in real environments where they can use the language they’re learning to engage socially: "learning by using Chinese in daily life".

The "Mandarin On-the-Go in Taiwan" website was created to provide a one-stop service to foreigners who want to find out more about the study tours. It outlines all the currently available featured study tours for the year, and people can register there for the tours. It also provides a database of the associated teaching materials designed by the collaborating Chinese Language Centers, travelers’ experience, and general information related to tourism and Chinese-learning in Taiwan.