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「 We Are Family 」Photography Competition 2020

With an aim to help the general public integrate and communicate with new immigrants, this contest is created to achieve cultural harmony as we encourage new immigrants to speak out and get creative through different platforms.

※Click here to download application info and entry form:


  1. To achieve cultural harmony by enabling integration and communication between the general public and new immigrants
  2. To encourage new immigrants to speak out and get creative through different platforms


  1. All entries must feature the lifestyles, characters or cultures of new immigrants in Taiwan; and
  2. All images must be accompanied by a description of 150-300 words to convey the idea of “we are family”, and present the stories of new immigrants.

※EligibilityAll participants must be aged above 18 and are:

  1. New immigrants or their children;
  2. Or native Taiwanese who are interested in the theme.


  1. Use this form to register online and upload your work.
  2. Submit a print-out of your photo. The photo must be adhered to a black mat (in A4 size), with the entry form partially stuck to the back of the mat (the entry form must be filled in Chinese.)
  3. Send your photo, personal info, and consent letter to event organizers at 7F., No. 57, Dongxing Rd., Xinyi Dist., Taipei City 110, Taiwan, before 17:00 on September 22. (Eligibility will be based on postmarks so please take the delivery time into consideration. Late entries will be denied without notice.)

※Entry deadline & winner announcement

  1. Entry deadline: submission starts now and must arrive before 17:00 on September 22.
  2. Winner announcement: a list of the winners will be published on the contest’s Facebook page at 14:00, October 20. All winning photos will also be posted on the page.

※Judging criteria20% theme, 40% layout & aesthetics, 30% photo story ※Prizes (for the top 25 photos chosen)

  1. Winner: 1 certificate of merit and NT$10,000 cash
  2. First runner-up: 1 certificate of merit and NT$5,000 cash
  3. Second runner-up: 1 certificate of merit and NT$2,000 cash
  4. 10 “Excellent” entrants: 1 certificate of merit and gifts (a Bluetooth tripod and a wide-angle lens, both worth about NT$500)
  5. 12 Honorable Mentions: 1 certificate of merit and 7-Eleven gift cards (worth about 400)

※Rules of submission

  1. Each person can submit up to three photos. However, only the photo with the highest score will be considered when contestants are ranked and all the remaining ones are not included in the judging process.
  2. All photos must be done in one take and should not be reproduced, edited, or photoshopped in any way.
  3. Photos must be 6x8” (15.24x20.32cm) color or black & white print-outs from slides, color negatives, black & white films, or digital images (of 3058x2480 pixels in resolution, 9 million pixels or above).

For more information, please visit: Here