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Taiwanese artists join LunarFest 2019 in Canada celebrating the Year of the Pig

Focusing on the “Newness” of the Lunar New Year’s celebration has been the trade mark of LunarFest over the years. In 2019, there is no shortage of inspirations to ring in the Year of the Pig. Similar to the concept of piggy banks, LunarFest wants everyone to not just save money, but also “Save the moments” with your loved ones.

LunarFest, the legacy events from the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics Cultural Olympiad, will take place at various locations in Vancouver and Toronto from January 29th to February 19th in 2019. Presented by Asian-Canadian Special Events Association, in partnership with the Ministry of Culture in Taiwan and Taiwan Academy in Los Angeles, LunarFest invites artists and designers from Taiwan to participate in “The Galleria of Imperial Inspirations”, “The Mighty Boar”, “The Universe of Piggy Banks”, “Pig Hero Lanterns”, “Coastal Lunar Lanterns” and other highlight programs.

Taiwanese artist Yen-Chun Lu(盧妍均) makes the “Pig Hero Lanterns” in the hopes of connecting to good causes in the new year. “Pig Hero Lanterns” shows twelve different designs of pig hero lanterns representing twelve different cultures, to speak to the vision of seeing Lunar New Year’s traditions celebrated by people whose heritages aren’t accustomed to the celebration. “The Universe of Piggy Banks” by Kuan-Chih Su(蘇冠誌) will let kids help the adventurous piggy to continue its trip in the universe. “The Mighty Boar” by artist Yi-Lun Yao(姚懿倫), a large wire-framed and interactive structure, offers glittery greetings to the audience.

LunarFest, in partnership with Oakridge Centre in Vancouver and National Palace Museum in Taiwan, will also present “The Galleria of Imperial Inspirations” exhibition to celebrate the Lunar New Year like no other. Taiwanese fashion designer Ai Ting Ko(柯靉廷) and fashion design students from the Shih Chien University(實踐大學) in Taiwan are invited to create new couture works that are inspired by Giuseppe Castiglione, the Chinese paintings of the famous Italian painter in Qing Dynasty.

Families with children will be thrilled to play at the Universe of Piggy Banks, a game designed to connect cultures and currencies. Over the years, lanterns have been released to the sky and the Lunar Robots have been summoned for the task of cleaning up these lanterns. Children are being asked to help train these robots at LunarFest. Besides, new and fun crafts will also be introduced in 2019, since LunarFest is also known as a heaven for children who love crafts and workshops.

Other indoor programs include “LunarFest Gala – Celebrate with Taiwan!” which will be at the Playhouse on February 8th, and the “An Accident of Love” musical that will be playing at the Centre on February 9th. Please visit for more information.

TECO Director General Andy Chen (left), Juno-nominated singer-songwriter Ginalina, Miss Chinese Vancouver 2018 Alice Lin, ACSEA Managing Director Charlie Wu at the LunarFest Press Conference.