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The 2nd Taiwan Fruits and Vegetables Festival 2019

Taiwan Formosa is located in the heart of the tropical and subtropical region. The beautiful island is surrounded by the placid ocean and known for its rich ecological diversity. The nourishing eco-environment has been amazingly beneficial for Taiwan’s agricultural advantages. For years Taiwan has been cultivating countless varieties of world-famous scrumptious fruits and vegetables that are both appealing and luscious, earning its well-deserved title as the “Kingdom of Fruits.

The Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan, Taiwan authorized the Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA) as the project management unit to promote the wonderful fruits and vegetables from Taiwan. In Western Canada, T & T Supermarket Inc. is assigned to implement the 2nd “Taiwan Fruits & Vegetables Marketing Project” in 2019. Our goal is to promote more Taiwan agricultural products to Canada and establish the excellent brand image of Taiwan fruits and vegetables throughout international markets.

We cordially invite you to attend “the 2nd Taiwan Fruits & Vegetables Festival 2019” opening ceremony on August 10, Saturday, 10:00 am at T & T Supermarket Metrotown, Burnaby. We welcome you to bring your family and friends for free fruit samples. Please refer to the following locations of T & T Supermarket. Looking forward to seeing you there!

Date: August 9-19 (promotion period)

Store location City Tasting Time (8/10-11) Promotion Items
Metrotown Burnaby 10:00 am〜6:00 pm (8/10)12:00 pm〜6:00 pm (8/11) - Red Dragon Fruit
- Guava
- Red Guava
- Star Fruit
- Taiwan Seedless Watermelon
- Taiwan Yuwen Mango
- White Water Snowflakes
- Taiwan Bamboo Shoot
Chinatown Vancouver 12:00 pm〜6:00 pm
First Avenue Vancouver 12:00 pm〜6:00 pm
Osaka Richmond 12:00 pm〜6:00 pm
Surry Surrey 12:00 pm〜6:00 pm
Coquitlam Coquitlam 12:00 pm〜6:00 pm
Central City Surrey 12:00 pm〜6:00 pm
Park Royal Vancouver 12:00 pm〜6:00 pm
Ora Richmond 12:00 pm〜6:00 pm
Marine Gateway Vancouver 12:00 pm〜6:00 pm
Landsdowne Richmond 12:00 pm〜6:00 pm
Kingsway Vancouver 12:00 pm〜6:00 pm
Calgary Calgary 12:00 pm〜6:00 pm
Edmonton Edmonton 12:00 pm〜6:00 pm
Harvest Hills Calgary 12:00 pm〜6:00 pm