VISA - Resident VISA

Starting from April 9,2012, ROC visa applicants need to first access the website:, fill out the visa application forms online and then print them out. The completed forms with bar codes and other required documents ought to be submitted to the R O C’s overseas missions which the applicants have selected while filling out their application forms. The offline application forms will no longer be accepted. **Please note that in order for the online application to be submitted properly, use Windows Internet Explorer, not Mozilla Firefox Explorer.

Application for Resident VISA to Taiwan, Republic of China
(Duration of stay over 6 months for the purpose of employment, joining family, studying, etc. )

Visa Validity:

three months from the day of issuing.

Duration of stay:

Resident Visa holders are required to apply for an Alien Resident Certificate at the city/county police headquarters nearest to their residence in Taiwan; within 15 days after their arrival with a resident visa or after they transfer their status in Taiwan from visitor to resident. They may stay in Taiwan as long as their Alien Resident Certificate remains valid.


  1. A passport with at least 6 months validity remaining.
  2. Online Application, fill-out and print out sign by the applicant:
  3. Health certificate form(PDF檔案) is distributed free of charge), which must be authenticated through our office.
  4. For purpose of study:  a) An original official letter of enrollment from an institution approved and recognized by the Ministry of Education of Taiwan. b) A health certificate ( Health certificate form(PDF檔案)  is distributed free of charge), which must be authenticated through our office. c) Bank statement ( account balance). d) Travel itinerary or airline ticket.


Check with The Fee Schedule for the details.


Before sending your application, make sure that the sponsor/employer in Taiwan has obtained a (approval) working permit from the competent authority and fill out the necessary sponsorship forms at the Council of Labor Affairs in Taipei. The visa processing time depends on how soon the sponsor/employer finished all the necessary paperwork in Taiwan.

Council of Labor Affairs:

Bureau of Consular Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Taipei, Taiwan, Resident Visa direct line
Tel: (02)2343-2895 Fax: (02)2343-2883