Measures adopted by the Czech Government against coronavirus (updated 26/04/2020)

Measures adopted by the Czech Government against coronavirus.(updated 26/04/2020)

General measures

  • As of April 27, church services with a maximum of 15 persons can be held under strict hygienic conditions.
  • The speeded-up plan to release business and other activities has been introduced:
    as of 20 April – craft workshops, farmers' markets, car dealers, outdoor training activities of professional athletes, weddings of up to 10 people,
    as of 27 April – business premises up to 2 500 m2, only if they are not in shopping malls over 5 000 m2), driving schools, gyms and fitness facilities without the possibility of using locker rooms and showers, church services of up to 15 people, libraries, outdoor expositions of zoological gardens,
    as of 11 May – shopping centres, business premises over 2 500 m2, restaurants can open their gardens while serving food there, beauty services, museums, galleries, outdoor premises of castles and chateaus, activities of professional athletes without public,
    as of 25 May – restaurants, accommodation services, taxi services, tattoo salons, theatres, cultural and sporting events (limit of participants TBC), weddings, outdoor expositions of zoological gardens.
  • As of 24 April, the free movement of people outside and during sports activities will be possible for groups of up to 10 people.
  • As of Monday April 27, all university students are now able take part in personal individual consultations.
  • The plan of the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs to gradually release measures in social services has been approved:
    as of 27 April – social services will be functional online and via telephone,
    as of 11 May – social services will be working in the field and outings of clients of social accommodating services are permitted,
    as of 25 May – social services for families with kids will be working in the field, families with kids can use outpatient operation and day care centres for kids will be reopened,
    as of 8 June – day care centres, social services for handicapped persons and permission to visit social accommodating services.


Measures concerning foreigners and border crossing

  • As of Monday April 27, the rules for crossing state borders have been changed. EU citizens arriving in the Czech Republic for the business purposes or university students from EU countries can now arrive to the Czech Republic. Czech citizens are able to travel abroad, however on their return they have to submit to a 14 days quarantine or undergo a test with a negative result on Covid-19.
  • The new crisis measure, which allows experts and other key employees from the Republic of Korea to come to the Czech Republic for the needs of Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Czech in Nošovice, has been approved. This concerns the total of 786 professionals, whose stay in the Czech Republic will be conditioned by following strict hygienic measures.



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