【TRUST-U Receives A Investment From MediaTek Group】 企業挺新創! 價創計畫獲聯發科投資

TRUST-U of Taiwan MOST (Ministry of Science and Technology) has once again successfully turned a professor's research to a startup. Developed by the team led by Prof. Bing-Fei Wu from the National Chiao Tung University, the technology of "Health Management System Using Image based Physiological Signals" is able to measure a patient's heartbeat, blood pressure, and other physiological signals without touching the physical body. Its reading accuracy meets medical standards, and can be applied to medical, finance, and various fields. FaceHeart Inc. is thus established to introduce the technology into a variety of highly-potential segments. As of today, the company has received a new investment from MediaTek Group, and acquired a service order from Shanghai Commercial and Savings Bank in Taiwan. The estimated commercial value of FaceHeart is now high as NT$500 million.


Source: 駐法國代表處科技組網站
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