VISA REQUIREMENTS FOR Serbian, Montenegrian, Kosovo and Bosnian and Herzegovinian citizens

The Taipei Representative Office in Hungary facilitates visa applications of citizens and residents of Hungary, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Republic of Kosovo, Republic of Montenegro, and Republic of Serbia.

Citizens of Montenegro are eligible for eVisas. For more information on eVisa, please visit ROC Ministry of Foreign Affairs' Bureau of Consular Affairs eVisa FAQs. To apply for eVisa, plesae click here.


- Application form: Upon downloading the completed form, please print and sign.
- 2 colour photos (with light background, good quality, 3,5*4,5cm)
- Return air ticket reservation
- Bank statement
- Hotel reservation
- Passport (which is valid at least 6 months before the departure date from Taiwan)
- Photocopy of the passport (the page with personal information)
- Travel itinerary
- Visa fee

Additional documents might be requested after preliminary review of the application.
The documents will not be returned so please make your own photocopies should you need them.

Visitor visa requirements for other purposes:
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Procedures for Nationals of the Designated Countries Applying for Visitor Visas to the Republic of China (Taiwan)

Information on resident visa to the Republic of China (Taiwan)
Method of application:
- in person
- through an agent: Authorization in English or Chinese is needed. Please note that the agent’s personal information (name, date of birth, passport/ID number) has to be indicated in the document.

The application cannot be sent by mail or courier service.

Fees for single entry visa:
- 50 USD or 13,500 HUF for normal processing (3 working days if all documents are in order)
- 75 USD or 20,250 HUF for urgent processing (1 working day if all documents are in order)

The visa fee has to be paid in cash. Please bring the exact amount.
Please note that we are not able to change money or accept US dollar bills printed before 2004.

Office Hours:
Monday – Friday: 9:30 - 12:00


Consular Department
Tel.: +36-1-266-2884 / +36-1-266-4817