The Internationally Renowned Taiwan Formosa Circus Troupe Coming to Surabaya

In order to promote bilateral relations and cultural exchanges between Taiwan and Indonesia, the internationally renowned Formosa Circus performing arts troupe will stage its show “The Heart of Asia” (admission by ticket), at the Ciputra Hall in Surabaya on June 30, 2019, as parts of Taiwanese efforts to increase cultural exchanges and deepen friendship with the people of East Java, Indonesia, through performing arts.


FOCA was founded eight years ago by a group of energetic youth. The group name “Formosa” is derived from Portuguese description of Taiwan - Ilha Formosa. Their performance is a combination of traditional arts, local arts, street arts, and theater arts, creating a unique circus art that reflects Taiwan’s rich cultural diversity. It has conducted several tours overseas under the auspices of the Taiwan government and is the only Taiwanese troupe to have been invited to participate in both France’s Festival d’Avignon and the United Kingdom’s Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Foreign media have called it “Taiwan’s Cirque du Soleil,” due to its youthful vibe and creativity. Unafraid of hardship, FOCA artists embody the hardworking Taiwanese spirit as they introduce Taiwan’s circus arts in the world arena.

The performance of "The Heart of Asia" is a fusion of Taiwanese dance, drama and acrobatics. It helps friends from East Java, Indonesia, to understand Taiwan's diverse and refined culture as well as promotes two-way exchanges between Taiwan and Indonesian culture.