‘Taiwan Entrepreneur Visa’ launched by Ministry of Economic Affairs, Republic of China (Taiwan)

Application qualifications for Taiwan Entrepreneur Visa (only 1 is required):

▇ Received venture capital investment or international fundraising of more than NT$2 million.

▇ Received approval to reside at a recognized innovation park or incubator in Taiwan.

▇ Obtained patent rights or professional skills certificate.

▇ Has been awarded in a leading startup or design competition, or has been involved in a foreigner entrepreneurship project in Taiwan.

▇ Has been or is currently located in a startup accelerator recognized by the Taiwanese government.

▇ The enterprise or the person in charge of the enterprise has been nominated or awarded in a film festival.

▇ Received innovation subsidy of at least NT$3 million from the central government or at least NT$1 million from the local government.

▇ Possesses innovation capability specified or recommended by the Taiwanese government.

▇ Has established enterprise with innovation capability in Taiwan and acts as its legal representative, manager or director with an investment of at least NT$1 million.


Q: Can I bring my family?

A: Yes, under the Taiwan Entrepreneur Visa, your spouse, and any children under the age of 20 can apply for residence as your dependents.

More about application & information:

sme.moeasmea.gov.tw/startup (Start-up Hub)

Tel: +886-2-2332-0063

Email: twstartupvisa@gmail.com

Or visit the following website: